This Will Be Our Reply

Oak Ridge Symphony & Chorus
Oak Ridge High School Performing Arts Center

Make music. Make peace. Join the Oak Ridge Symphony Orchestra & Chorus for an exquisite program of musical responses to violence in our world. Beethoven offered his reply to violence by famously changing the dedication of his powerful third symphony in reaction to Napoleon’s unending wars. Tennesseans will be in the first group of listeners to hear and reply to a call to “heal the world” in Lucas Richman’s Symphony: This Will Be Our Reply. What will your reply be?

Lucas Richman
Symphony: This Will Be Our Reply
Based on Bernstein’s speech, “An Artist’s Response to Violence”

Ludwig van Beethoven
Symphony No. 3 “Eroica”

Read more about Leonard Bernstein's speech here:

Excerpted quote on website banner used by permission of The Leonard Bernstein Office, Inc.

Advance tickets may be purchased at the Ferrell Shop in Oak Ridge.

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