Point your Web browser to https://ORCMA.org. (You never need to type the htps:// or any www prefix by the way!) You will reach the ORCMA home page:


Note the menu items and the log in prompt at bottom center.


Select the New User menu item to get the User Account screen.

CreateAccount.pngPlease use Firstname.Lastname as your Username. The second phone number is your cell number if you have one. (Don't enter the "[cell number]".) Your picture would be helpful so we can tell who you are, but it needs to be less than 30 kB in size. It will get resized by the server to 85 x 85 pixels. You can make the image smaller in a photo editing program.

The New account process has multiple steps. You will first receive an acknowledgement of your application from the Webmaster:

ORCMA5-youhave mail.png

Once the Webmaster has approved your account (to prevent spam), you will get a second e-mail giving you a one-time login link so that you can set a password for your account. Please pick a good one!

ORCMA8-login for pwd.png