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Oak Ridge Civic Music Association Appoints Joy Bonamarte as Executive Director


Oak Ridge, TN, March 27, 2024 - Larry Vance, President of the Oak Ridge Civic Music Association (ORCMA), is pleased to announce the appointment of Joy Bonamarte as the new Executive Director of the organization. ORCMA, home to the esteemed Oak Ridge Symphony Orchestra, Oak Ridge Chorus, Chamber Music Series, and Coffee Concerts, is gearing up to celebrate its 80th anniversary in the upcoming 2024-2025 season.


Joy Bonamarte brings a dynamic blend of artistic passion and strategic leadership to her new role. With over a decade of experience in arts management, marketing, and a deep commitment to community engagement, Joy is poised to lead ORCMA into its next phase of growth and impact.


"We are thrilled to welcome Joy to the Oak Ridge Civic Music Association as our new Executive Director. Joy's extensive experience, passion for the arts, and dedication to community engagement make her the ideal leader to guide ORCMA into its next chapter of growth and impact. We are confident that her vision and leadership will further elevate our organization's mission." remarked Vance.


Joy's journey in the arts began with a profound love for music from a young age. Armed with a degree in Marketing Management and over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, she has honed her skills in fundraising, program development, and organizational leadership. Her tenure in various organizations showcased her ability to harmonize artistic vision with operational efficiency.


Joy's personal connection to music is profound, fueled by her two sons, Jonathan and Brandon, both accomplished musicians. Her dedication to music as a mother and enthusiast fuels her commitment to advancing the music community.


As the new Executive Director, Joy Bonamarte envisions a future for ORCMA that is inclusive and accessible to all members of the community. She aims to expand ORCMA’s outreach initiatives, ensuring live performances, educational programs, and collaborative projects reach diverse audiences, including underserved communities and youth groups.


Beyond her role at ORCMA, Joy remains actively engaged in advocating for the arts. She serves on the ORHS Orchestra Board and various committees dedicated to arts education, cultural preservation, and economic development through the arts.


Driven by her belief in the transformative power of music, Joy Bonamarte is poised to lead ORCMA with vision, compassion, and dedication, ensuring the organization remains a beacon of artistic excellence and community enrichment for generations to come.


The Oak Ridge Symphony Orchestra traces its roots back to the founding of a community orchestra in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Its inception came through the efforts of Waldo Cohn, a biochemist involved in the Manhattan Project and an accomplished cellist. Upon his arrival in Oak Ridge in 1943, Cohn initiated chamber music sessions in his home, setting the stage for what would become the Oak Ridge Symphony Orchestra.


Today, ORCMA stands as a beacon of musical enrichment within our community. It champions local musicians and composers while offering free music education programs. Through the performance of diverse and inclusive orchestra, choral, and chamber music, ORCMA strives to enrich lives and foster a love for music in all its forms.


Our vision is to continue growing as an inclusive association dedicated to promoting music education and showcasing a diverse array of orchestra, choral, and chamber music performances.


ORCMA receives support from various sources, including federal award number SLFRP5534 granted to the State of Tennessee by the U.S. Department of the Treasury, the Tennessee Arts Commission, proceeds from the sale of Tennessee Specialty License Plates, as well as contributions from numerous private corporations and donors.


For any questions about ORCMA, Joy may be contacted at or at (865) 483-5569.