Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our April 25th and May 2nd concerts have been postponed indefinitely.  Please consider donating your previously purchased tickets to ORCMA’s annual fund.  Email lisa@orcma.org or call the office at (865) 483-5569 for more information.

ORCMA Activities

  • Thora Spence, 14, 9th grade student of Susan Shor plays for Derek Reeves
  • Derek Reeves demonstrates to Levi Parish, 16, 11th grade student of Susan Shor
  • Derek Reeves teaches Emily Wankerl, 15, 10th grade student of Susan Shor
  • Derek Reeves listens to viola students
  • Miriam Ahrens, 15, 10th grade  Student of Megan Kehren
  • Derek Reeves demonstrates viola at Scarboro Center
  • Playing Pleyel
  • String Quartet in Jackson Square
  • The Susans play at Jackson Square
  • 75th Anniversary performance
  • Oak Ridge presented ORCMA a proclamation
  • Joshua Kováč playing Lalo
  • Richman curtain call
  • Nickie
  • 2019 Musicians Barbecue at Willow Ridge