Board of Directors

The ORCMA Board of Directors is a unique, working board comprised of community leaders with a passion for sustaining high quality music in Oak Ridge and neighboring communities.  The Board controls all matters relating to the management of the Association, including fiscal oversight.  We thank them for their dedication.

Executive Committee

James Rome, President
Adolf King, Vice President
Chuck Coutant, Treasurer
Chuck Darling, Secretary
Frank Plasil, Past President
Bob Wolf, Chorus President
Bill Schwenterly, Chamber Music Series Chair
Martha Damiano, Orchestra Representative

At Large

Simon Ballintoy
Rick Chinn
Melony Dodson
Karen Kartal
Paul Leiby
Seth O’Kegley-Gibson
Ellen Smith
Gene Spejewski

Betsy Spooner
Jo Vaccaro
Cathy Whitten
Sean Williams

Loong Yong
Joan-Ellen Zucker

Organization Representatives

Penny Lukin, Chorus Representative
Barbara Weber, Alternate Chorus Representative
Kathryn York, Orchestra Representative


Kevin Class, Guest Conductor and Music Director Finalist
Wilbur Lin, Guest Conductor and Music Director Finalist
Ian Passmore, Guest Conductor and Music Director Finalist
Régulo Stabilito, Guest Conductor and Music Director Finalist
Lisa Muci EckhoffExecutive Director
Brenda Luggie, Choral Director
Cameron Rehberg, Orchestra Librarian, Contractor & Personnel Manager 
Chris Dodson, Orchestra Stage Manager
Melony Dodson, Chorus Accompanist
Lois McKeever, Volunteer Bookkeeper
Nancy Hardin, Volunteer Chorus Librarian
Susan Shor, Coffee Concerts