UPDATE! 2021 Annual Membership Meeting and Revised Bylaws for Review

ORCMA's 2021 Annual Membership Meeting was held on June 6.  

We sadly said goodbye to Board member Valeria Roberson whose talents have been such a help to our association, but we welcomed new Board member Ellen Smith who will also bring great talents to the Board. Re-elected to the Board were Rick Chinn, Chuck Dodson, Melony Dodson, Karen Kartal, Seth O-Kegley-Gibson, and Loong Yong.

The revised By-laws as posted below were passed.  

Full Minutes on the numerous reports will be posted here in the coming days.

Thank you to all who support the Oak Ridge Civic Music Association.

June 6, 4:30–5:30 PM, ORCMA's Annual Membership Meeting, A.K. Bissell Park Pavilion Small Stage
Our annual meeting will be held in-person, outdoors at the Pavilion Bandshell (small stage).  Due to the pandemic, plan to remain socially distanced from those not in your group.  Your RSVP is requested.  Call 483-5569 or email office@orcma.org by June 1st.  Bring your own chair if desired.  There will not be a potluck, but food vendors will be on site.  The agenda includes election of renewing and new Board members, and approval of amended By-laws.  And plan to stay for the Season Finale concert by Dan Allcott and the full Oak Ridge Symphony Orchestra at 6:00 PM.  

Scroll down to access the current By-laws and the proposed version of the By-laws, as well as other meeting documents.

The most significant changes to the proposed By-Laws are:
• Including the most recent mission and vision statements.
• Formalizing the immediate Past President as a voting officer of the Board.
• Formalizing employees as Music Director, Choral Director, and Executive Director (IRS W-2), with other paid persons being contractors (IRS 1099-MISC).
• Removing reference to the ORCMA Guild, which does not now exist, and replacement with general references to affiliated organizations.
• Providing clarity for distinguishing operating musical components (e.g., orchestra, chorus, etc) that are part of ORCMA and cooperative entities (e.g., Roane Choral Society) with which we coordinate but are not part of ORCMA. 
• Clarifying the committee structure.
• Providing for possible separation of musical components from ORCMA, if necessary.
• Providing for possible dissolution of ORCMA.


Per the By-laws, voting privileges are defined here.


The members described in this Section shall have full voting privileges in the Association when an Association-wide vote is needed (e.g., annual meetings or special meetings called by the President).

2.2.1       Regular Members

Anyone who purchases an adult season ticket to one or more of the regularly scheduled concert series of ORCMA thereby becomes a regular member during the membership year in which that (or those) concert series is (or are) performed.

2.2.2       Patrons

Anyone who contributes $100 or more becomes a Patron member for the membership year in which the contribution is made.

2.2.3       Performing Members

Members in good standing who perform (e.g., play, sing) regularly in any of ORCMA’s musical components shall be performing members of the Association.  Each musical component shall define by its own rules and guidelines who its members are, and shall provide to the ORCMA Board President a current list of its members within 120 days from the beginning of the fiscal year.

2.2.4       Honorary Life Members

Honorary Life Membership may be awarded by vote of the Board in recognition of outstanding service to the Association.  It is intended that this category of membership be extremely limited in number.  Honorary Life Members may receive complimentary tickets at the discretion of the Board.